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Allegan County Prosecutor Charges Special Needs 8-Year-Old


As Allegan County runs amuck with corrupt, litigant-stalking judges; anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi jail staff; attorneys offices doubling as meth labs (Pat Burson); and renegade city cops who deliberately endanger children by lying on the stand (Wayland PD’s John Mark Rookus)… the Allegan County Prosecutor’s Office can find nothing better to do than to harass special-needs elementary students.  The Prosecutor is charging one such child, only eight years of age, with two felonies for acting out of fear and frustration after an attempt to run away from school was mishandled and turned into a police matter at a party store.

Eddy HartEdward Hart is in special needs partly due to anger management issues.  This was well known to school personnel at Hillside Learning and Behavior Center… but the city police felt the need to throw this young child in the back seat of a police cruiser and leave him alone.  When the child got mad and struck the rear camera, the police officers threw a fit and brought him in for “malicious destruction of police property” and “resisting and obstructing.”

The Police department has billed the eight-year-old $50 for the repair of the camera and the court is mandating counseling.  The case for the two felonies Prosecutor Frederick Anderson is charging him with has yet to be docketed.

Meanwhile, the eight-year-old child is pleading with the local government to drop the felony charges: http://fox17online.com/2014/04/22/video-little-boy-tries-to-get-felony-charges-dropped/#axzz353r4Xu4c


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