Dantzler, Roderick Shonte

  • African-American Male,
  • Age 34
  • Resided in Kent County (Grand Rapids)
  • Married Jennifer Heeren while in Ionia State Prison in 2001 for assault
  • Murdered 7 family members on 7 July 2011, then committed suicide
  • Deceased Victims: father-in-law Thomas Heeren (51), mother-in-law Rebecca Heeren (52), wife Jennifer Heeren (29), daughter Kamrie Heeren Dantzler (12), ex-girlfriend Amanda Renee Emkens (27), daughter Marissa Lynn Emkens (10), and Amanda’s sister Kimberlee Ann Emkens (23)
  • Surviving Victims: former friend April Swanson (35), bystander Robert Poore
  • His mother and three other women all had filed Personal Protection Orders against him between 1996 and 2011
  • Previously convicted of domestic violence, breaking an entering, and a road rage shooting
  • Imprisoned 2000 – 2005 for assault
  • Media coverage: mLive article | photos of victims | WOOD-TV8 article | criminal history

Lt Ryan McClimans DV CONVICTMcClimans, Ryan (Grand Rapids Police Lieutenant)

  • Anglo-American
  • DOB 1970
  • Resides in Ottawa County (Holland)
  • Domestic Violence incident on 5 April 2013, in violation of a PPO ordered by Ottawa County 20th Circuit Court judge Edward Post, issued in 2012
  • Case filed in Holland District Court, plead guilty on 26 April 2013, realeased on a personal recognizance bond
  • Victim: girlfriend (11 years his junior)
  • Sentence: McClimans was ordered to comply with a no contact order re: his victim, but News 8 reports he will be retained as a GRPD officer
  • Media coverage: mLive article; MIOIDV article collection

bucky mugshot 1313016Melinn, Blake Allen (Buck)

  • Caucasian Male, 6’1″ in height, black hair, hazel eyes, 220 lbs.
  • DOB 23 May 1970
  • Resides in Kent County (Grand Rapids)
  • Convicted July 1998 (verified by CPS file for PS Case # X2277275P)
  • Victim: wife Maria Lynn Melinn (injuries include broken back/permanent disability from assault on 6 Jul 1998)
  • Sentenced to 90 days in jail + 12 months probation
  • Police Report (broken back discovered subsequent to police report on 25 Jul 1998)
  • Other legal issues: 3 traffic citations and 3 small claims court losses in Kent County
  • January 2013: open CPS investigation for child abuse (9-year-old victim) and GRPD investigation for harboring fugitive 20-count felon Robert Lauzon (his cousin) [verified 3 Jan 2013]
  • May 2013: Allegan County Sheriff investigation for filing a fictitious instrument with the court [verified 3 May 2013]; Co-defendant in wrongful death suit for his role in a child’s death (Kent County Circuit Court case #13-04227-CZ)
  • 12 June 2013: Kent County Case 2013-OM-0000541: Failure to pay victim restitution, failure to appear in court (3 counts), income tax fraud
  • 7 July 2013: arrested, charges not yet published (arrest report #13129854; arraignment 7.15.2013 8:30am)

Melinn, Scott Martin

Mosqueda, Matthew Ryan (Sr.)

Munsell, Robert Michael

  • Caucasian Male, 5’11” in height, brown hair, hazel eyes, 200lbs.
  • DOB 1983
  • Resides in Montcalm County Jail (bond denied 27 Nov 2012)
  • Admitted to murdering girlfriend Julie Danielson (age 31) of Pierson, MI by cutting her throat
  • Sentence pending
  • Currently charged with murder in a DV context
  • mLive article

Lisa Marie Perkins DV CONVICTPerkins, Lisa Marie

  • Caucasian female, blonde/strawberry hair, blue eyes, height 5’05”, 170 lbs.
  • DOB 4 Nov 1989
  • Resides in Kent County (Grand Rapids)
  • Arrested 12 Nov 2012 for assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence (sibling abuse) [1st charge dropped by victim]
  • Currently out on bail [$1000 bond, 10% surety], released 13 Nov 2012
  • Not yet sentenced [pending]
  • Urgent Concern: currently has physical custody of a minor child
  • accessKent arrest record

1988 mug shot

Ratliff, Clarence Donald “Rat” (Grand Rapids Police Officer)

  • Caucasian Male, grey hair, green eyes, 5’11”, 197 lbs.
  • DOB 29 Sep 1935
  • Resides in federal prison (undisclosed location due to status as ex-police officer)
  • Convicted in 1988 of Domestic Violence and firing a weapon at police officers (MDOC # 201810, Court file # 8846542FC)
  • Victim: District Judge Carol Irons (estranged wife, first female judge in Kent County), shot dead by Ratliff in 1988
  • Sentenced to life in prison on 12 June 1989 for manslaughter and assault with intent to commit murder (reduced from original charge of 1st Degree Murder)
  • Previously assaulted first wife (1975), remained on police force
  • Served on Grand Rapids Police Department 21 years
  • Currently deceased, d. 28 May 2011 of cancer
  • Media coverage: mLive article (May 2011) | New York Times article | several AP article transcriptions at MOIDV | MDOC record

David Steiger DV CONVICT

Steiger, David Joseph

  • Caucasian Male, blonde or strawberry hair, hazel eyes, 6’0″ in height, 145 lbs.
  • DOB: 9 Oct 1993
  • Residence: Kent County (Sparta)
  • Charged 5 July 2013 in 63rd District Court with 1st degree child abuse
  • Incident date: 2 July 2013
  • Victim: 20-day-old son (“pushed his leg until he heard a pop sound”… 19 broken bones)
  • “Steiger was hesitant to take the child to the hospital” telling his friend, “Protective Services will be all over me.” (Erstamer)
  • Case pending; in custody in Kent County Jail on $100,000 bond since 3 July 2013
  • Booking #1312725; RID #00310742
  • accesskent arrest record
  • Media Coverage: Fox 17 article

Williams, Jonathan Dartanen

  • African-American Male, black hair, brown eyes, height 5’9″, weight 230 lbs.
  • Date of Birth: 20 February 1985
  • Current residence: Kent County (Grand Rapids)
  • Domestic Violence conviction in Kalamazoo County
  • Other offenses: larceny in a building (June 2005), violation of probation (Sept 2009)
  • Reference citations:  Michigan Department of Corrections Record | Kalamazoo Jail Record

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