Lockett, Tahj O’Neal

  • African-American Male, black hair, brown eyes
  • Date of Birth: 1990
  • History of abuse reported to police and CPS, but no action ever taken by either
  • Charged with 1st degree child abuse of his 4-month-old child (died in incident)
  • Media coverage: mLive article | WWMT-TV3 story | WOOD-TV8 story

Luthy, Steven V. (Kalamazoo City Police Officer)

  • Caucasian/North African/Middle Eastern Male, brown hair, brown eyes, height 6’04”, weight 205 lbs.
  • Date of Birth: 1974
  • Resides in Van Buren County (Bloomingdale)
  • Plead guilty to disturbing the peace (reduced from domestic assault) in March 2012
  • Victim: wife Ellen Luthy (severely battered and threatened with death in August 2011)
  • Sentenced to a 5-day suspension and 6 months paid vacation, less than $300 in fines
  • Has served on KDPS 10 years, continues to serve as a police officer
  • Currently separated from wife Ellen
  • Not a US citizen
  • Media coverage: mLive article | Behind the Blue Wall post
  • Kalamazoo County Jail record

Glenn Ross Sr DV CONVICTRoss, Glenn Sr.

Williams, Jonathan Dartanen

  • African-American Male, black hair, brown eyes, height 5’9″, weight 230 lbs.
  • Date of Birth: 20 February 1985
  • Current residence: Kent County (Grand Rapids)
  • Domestic Violence conviction
  • Other offenses: larceny in a building (June 2005), violation of probation (Sept 2009)
  • Reference citations:  Michigan Department of Corrections Record | Kalamazoo Jail Record

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