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A Concentration Camp in Allegan County?


Imagine a place where a corrupt government imprisons its own law-abiding citizens for protecting their children from anti-Semitic forces which are already responsible for at least 2 of their children dying… held captive on orders of a misogynistic judge’s personal vendetta against anyone who is involved in protecting women and children from wife-batterers, child abusers, and rapists.

Add to that picture gross abuses of power in the facility where these Hebrews are being unlawfully detained.  Those who have life-or-death medical needs, such as a broken back or a serious heart condition, are inhumanely denied most of their medically necessary prescription medications, doctor-ordered disability accommodations, or doctor-mandated physical therapy.

AuschwitzAre you thinking of Auschwitz?  Bergen-Belsen?  Dachau?  Or maybe the Civil War’s Andersonville POW camp (the commandant of which was the only person in the entire war to be found guilty of war crimes)?

No – these atrocities are not as far removed from our generation as that, and not as far removed from our location as that!  These injustices are not attached to any military action or perpetrated against any foreign enemy These things happened this very month… they happened to a law-abiding US citizen, and they happened in Allegan, Michigan!

The judge who sentences Hebrews to jail time for obeying CPS orders is Judge Kevin W Cronin of the 48th Circuit Court, and it is Allegan County Jail, operated by Capt. Deborah Marculis and the medical staff hired, presumably, under her authority, which is the site of these human rights violations against people of Hebrew ethnicity.  Lower-level members of the jail medical staff are also complicit in these systemic, life-endangering crimes and/or the cover-up thereof.

Sgt John Sexton JrIt is also a matter of some concern that a non-medical officer, Sgt. John Sexton Jr (pictured at left), has on at least one occasion subjected a female Hebrew inmate to the humiliation of having her HIPAA-protected medical exam observed by him without her consent, in violation of federal code 45 CFR parts 160 & 164.

Domestic violence victim Maria Melinn, an ethnic Hebrew-American (genealogically verified), was subjected to these abuses, in violation of her ADA orders, right here in Allegan County, Michigan this month.  She has been denied most of her heart and cholesterol medications by the Jail’s medical staff during the first 6 days of her 60-day unlawful detainment, as well as her physician-mandated mattress, wheelchair, heart monitor (via denial of the charging cord for the unit’s receiver), and physical therapy sessions for her back (broken by her convicted abuser, who has been rewarded for his criminal activity with custody of his victim’s children and 65% of her monthly disability disbursement).

paperwork turned in to Sgt. Sexton for wheelchair which he refused to honor

paperwork turned in to the Jail on 12 July 2013 for her wheelchair, which the medical staff has thus far refused to honor; note that similar documentation for Ms. Melinn’s heart and cholesterol medications and for the necessity of a mattress and pillow for her broken back and damaged neck were also ignored by Sgt. Sexton and his staff, in order to further exacerbate the physical torture of the disabled domestic violence victim under his medical care.

Maria intensive care unitAs a direct result, Ms. Melinn has had 2 cardiac incidents after only 6 days under these conditions.  She had a severe episode of chest pain, angina, and tachycardia on the 3rd day of her unlawful detainment, and another cardiac event on day 6.  She was admitted into the progressive intensive care unit of the hospital that evening with severe chest pain and other cardiac symptoms.  Her condition was able to be stabilized after nearly 24 hours of in-patient care.

The medical staff, directly responsible for these incidents of denial of medical care to the jail’s Hebrew captives, has no excuse, as all of the doctors’ orders were properly filed with both with the Jail and with Judge Cronin before she even reported to the jail… 4 pages of medical orders, almost all of which the Jail Medical Staff defiantly refused to honor!

It should be noted that this month’s criminal activities by the medical staff are not an isolated incident.  The same Hebrew individual was killed by jail staff (and revived after 8 minutes of death) in 2010 when the Jail medical staff denied her doctor-prescribed mandatory aspirin regimen.

Not only is the medical staff subjecting Ms. Melinn to constant torture, but the Sheriff’s Department is also charging her $1275.00 for the life-threatening treatment she is receiving from them in their attempt to deprive her last 3 remaining children of their mother via their premeditated abuse of her.

Allegan County JailThis is nothing short of hate crime, and even more seriously… it is attempted murder… and it is happening right here in Allegan County!  Yes – the Allegan County Jail medical staff seems to be engaging in a systematic abuse protocol  inside the Allegan County Jail which reflects a neo-Nazi agenda!   This may not quite rise to the level of a concentration camp, but it absolutely qualifies as inhumane conditions violating the Constitution’s prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment,” especially given that Sgt. Sexton and Judge Cronin’s chosen victim has never committed any crime.  Ms. Melinn’s persecutor’s are the chief operatives of Allegan County’s “war on women” – and you can be certain that it will not stop with Hebrew victims!

Consider the words of Rev. Martin Niemoeller. written in the aftermath of WWII, but equally applicable to the injustice perpetrated in Allegan County:

“They first came for the communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for the Catholics, I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me…

… but there was no one left to speak up.”

Allegan County Jail Medical Staff: Please end your agenda-driven hate crimes against disabled domestic violence victims and Hebrews and stop treating them as sub-humans!

Readers: Please express your outrage to the 48th Circuit Court:

  • Kevin W Cronin, junior judge ( – perpetrator of injustice
  • Margaret Bakker, chief judge (

Allegan County Prosecutor Frederick Anderson ( is ultimately responsible for bringing charges against these attempted-murderers and can accept cases from citizens if they are submitted in writing (no phone calls).  As an elected official, Sheriff Blaine Koops ( should be contacted (or cc’d) as well, along with Capt. Deborah Marculis, jail administrator (; phone 269-673-0530).  Sgt. John Sexton can be emailed directly at, and the Jail & Sheriff Complex phone number is 269-673-0500.

Nota bene: Ms. Melinn has nothing to do with this website or with this article.  Independent research has uncovered the facts contained herein, so retribution against Ms. Melinn would be ill-placed and wholly inappropriate.  

Several messages have been left for Sgt. Sexton, Capt. Marculis, and the Medical Staff since Tuesday (23 July 2013), and they have been given numerous opportunities to correct this injustice, but have failed to return any calls or respond to any emails which have been sent to them about this matter.  The Commander of the Wayland Post of the State Police, Lieut. Thomas Draves, has also been contacted, but has failed to even open an investigation, as attempted murder of Hebrew persons does not apparently warrant an investigation in his estimation.

This human rights case is being closely monitored by persons in the state and national capitols, organizations all over this nation, and individuals all around the world.

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