Judge Stephen A & Mrs Morrison is described as “a significant figure in early Saugatuck history and an Allegan County judge.”[1]  He was born 18 May 1815 in Barre, Vermont [2] and died on 4 May 1905 in Saugatuck.[3]  He was one of Saugatuck’s earliest settlers, arriving in 1837 and initially making his living as a tanner.[4]  He operated a tannery, a general store, and a real estate and insurance business before retiring in 1892.[5]

Judge Morrison is responsible for blazing the first trail which connected Saugatuck to Allegan – a trail he traveled on foot frequently… all 25 miles of it.  This was his mode of travel between home and the county seat (Allegan) while serving as the County Treasurer (1853-54).[6]  President VanBuren appointed Judge Morrison as Saugatuck’s first Postmaster, a position he retained until the administration of President Grant.[7]


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