A1JUDGE_FR_C2_^_FRIIQJudge Kevin W Cronin (P38915) presently serves in the 48th Circuit Court, his tenure spanning 2009-2015.  He was admitted to the Bar in 1986 and previously practiced as a Hopkins-based attorney.[1]

He was narrowly elected to that post in a race riddled with scandal and election fraud.  Former Circuit Court judges Corsiglia and Beach both raised concerns over this matter.  Because of the botched recount in the 2008 election [2], they wrote to State Attorney General Mike Cox:

 “We have grave concerns over the integrity of the Nov. 2, 2010, elections in Allegan County…. We’re just concerned, making sure, if anybody wants a recount, they can possibly get one in Allegan County.”[3]

The recount had been conducted by County Clerk Joyce Watts, whose husband John (who was involved in felony activities in 2007-2008 [4]) had partnered with Judge Cronin in suing the Circuit Court judges and essential personnel in 2003 [5], and whose son Jason was a principal player in the Cronin campaign.  Around the time of the recount and days prior, Jason Watts “was reported to have special access to his mother’s office.”[6]

The case against the township clerks who were responsible for the ballot boxes which could not be counted to to tampering, conveniently, landed in Judge Cronin’s courtroom.  Though asked to disqualify himself, given his personal political interest in the case’s outcome, he, in a clear breach of ethics, refused to step down from hearing the case, in which he found, of course, in favor of the clerks.[7]

Judge Cronin had previously made an unsuccessful run for the Probate Court bench, losing to Judge Michael Buck who garnered over double the number of votes that he had pulled.  This was in 2000, just 3 years before Judge Cronin’s lawsuit against all the judges of the Family Court (consisting of the Circuit and Probate courts).[8]

Another problematic element in the course of the 2008 election were the false accusations the Cronin campaign leveled at opponent William Baillargeon.  In one series of ads, Cronin’s campaign and supporting organizations accused Baillargeon of being against the Sex Offender Registry.  Allegan County Undersheriff Jim Hull countered the accusation thus:

““He has overturned other judges’ failures to put people on the sex offender registry, in his own court.  He’s an adament supporter of it.”[9]

In fact, it is Cronin who, of the two, is lighter on sex offenders.[10]  In the case of a Hamilton girls’ basketball coach (Jerome Moses) who was found to be in possession of nude photographs of a 15-year-old student to whom he had sent sexually explicit emails, Judge Cronin altered the charges in order to keep the sexual-deviant Moses off the Sex Offender Registry, stating that Moses’s actions were “not that serious.”  Judge Cronin felt that 75 days in jail was a sufficient sentence.[11]

In several custody cases on Judge Cronin’s docket, it is obvious that the best interests of children is not as high a concern for him as is forwarding his apparent anti-mother bias.

In the 2012 case of Graves v. DeHaan, Judge Cronin granted custody of 3 minor children to their father (DeHaan), a drug addict not yet in treatment.  Their mother sought custody, and Judge Cronin denied the request, only allowing her to temporarily keep the children while DeHaan was in residential rehab, after completion of which, the children were to be returned to the father.  The mother in the case has no drug or alcohol history, no history of mental illness, and no history of committing domestic violence, in contrast to DeHaan whose history is replete with all of these.[12]

Another lightening rod case on Judge Cronin’s docket is Melinn v. Melinn.  The father in this case, Blake Melinn, was convicted of domestic violence by another court in 1998 over an incident wherein he beat his then-wife Maria so severely that her face was abraded and her back was broken.[13]  She took their 3 children and left.  Her abuser later sought custody of the children and won based on the argument that Maria could not adequately care for the children because she had a broken back.  She has petitioned Judge Cronin countless times asking for a reversal of that decision, but her pleas for justice have all been denied.  All three children in Blake’s care have PTSD and other psychological issues due to the abuse they witnessed against their mother and abuses directly suffered by them at their father’s hand, as documented in CPS reports from hospital personnel, school counselors and teachers, counselors, clergymen, and law enforcement.[14]

Judge Cronin has taken a personal interest in Maria, a domestic violence victims’ advocate, that moves beyond his courtroom, stalking her on blog sites online [15] and even showing up to her domestic violence advocacy speaking engagements in order to ambush and threaten her.[16]  Such conduct places him in violation of the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct:

“A judge should abstain from public comment about a pending or impending proceeding in any court, and should require a similar abstention on the part of court personnel subject to the judge’s direction and control.”[17]

He has been asked to recuse himself from this case and has refused.[18]


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  5. I think this judge is the worst judge ever I have dealt with! My daughter is 7 yrs old and her father has been in and out of her life since she was born. He doesn’t pay support and cps has been called several times for neglect when she has been in his care. Judge cronin looked at me as if I was the bad parent and threatened to put me in jail for three weeks if I don’t send her to her fathers house even though he hasn’t showed up for over a year and now all the sudden wants to play dad. I asked judge cronin if we could just do daily visits instead of overnights right now because she is scared and doesn’t know him much anymore and it would be in the best interest of my child. I told him also I have her in therapy due to all of this. I also asked for a child advocate so someone other than myself can speak for her! He denied me. Everything I asked for he denied. He granted all rights to the father and now my daughter has to suffer because he made bad choices. What does it have to take for these people to open up their eyes and realize these are small children they are hurting and effecting, what a child to die or molested or abused? Come on!

  6. I have been dealing with a custody case myself for 8 years! The judge gave custody to my ex husband. Who has been put in jail for domestic violence on me also! I still continue my fight againts judge Cronin! Wont stop till the right thing is done!

  7. I have had similar problems with Judge Cronin AND Judge Bakker. I have many things I could add to the information about judge Cronin AND I would LOVE for you to write about judge Bakker. PLEASE resond to me!

  8. I wish someone would investigate the family court judge in Ionia County. Their whole system runs as it pleases even if it against the law.
    Plenty of people know and have witnessed this but still nobody dares to take them on and hold them accountable.
    I hope they are able to stop the people that abuse their power by handing down judgments that have nothing to do with the law and everything to do with power.

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