Judge Joseph S SkocelasJudge Joseph S Skocelas (P31714) was admitted to the Bar in 1980.[1]  He is currently serving in the 57th District Court (Allegan County, Michigan) as Chief District Judge.[2]  He was appointed to that post on 26 April 2006 by Governor Jennifer Granholm to fill the seat vacated by retiring Judge Gary A Stewart and was reelected in November 2008 to a term ending in January 2015.[3]  He had previously served 25 years as an Assistant Prosecutor and had initiated the YWCA’s Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program in order to better serve victims of sexual assault.[4]

Judge Skocelas is actively involved in educating children about the consequences of drinking through the Citizens Academy program.[5]  He also trains cadets at the Regional Police Academy, serves as a Religious Education teacher in his church, and volunteers with numerous projects of Plainwell Community Schools (which he had formerly served as a School Board member).[6]

Judge Skocelas has been criticized for his lack of concern for justice where the rights or safety of women are concerned.  For example, a woman was being stalked by an ex-husband who had already been convicted of domestic violence and had a spousal abuse/child abuse PPO in effect against him.  Two stalking charges against the man were brought against the man in Judge Skocelas’s court in the case of State of Michigan v. Philip John Convissor (2012).  Convissor admitted to the crimes, yet Judge Skocelas issued no more of a sentence than 1 year of probation and a no contact order.  Despite the PPO and no contact order, however, Judge Skocelas assists Convissor in harassing his victimized ex-wife through court instruments.[7]


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