Judge George Y WarnerJudge George Y Warner was born back east… probably in Pennsylvania.  1799 is thought to be his birth year, though this has not been confirmed.

Judge Warner holds the distinction of being the first attorney to be admitted to the Allegan County Bar Association.  This transpired at the inaugural session of the 3rd Circuit Court on 8 December 1836, the same year he arrived in Allegan County. He had previously been admitted to the Bar in Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.  He and Flavius J Littlejohn were the first two practitioners of law in the county.  Judge Warner’s brief tenure on the bench of the Probate Court spanned the years 1841-1845.

Judge Warner served as Constable and Prosecuting Attorney in 1837, and was elected three times to the office of County Coroner (serving 1839-40 and 1845-49).  In 1843, he served as a Justice of the Peace and as County Treasurer concurrently and in 1847 as the County School Inspector.  The following year, he served as Director of the Poor.  He had also been a Superintendent of the Poor in 1839, serving alongside Judge Elisha Ely in that role.  He reprised his former role as Prosecuting Attorney from 1857 to 1859.


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