Allegan County Seal 1835Judge Harry A Beach (P10571) was admitted to the Michigan Sate Bar in 1968, having graduated with a B.A. from Western Michigan University and an LL.B. from Wayne State.  He served in the District Court from 1977-1990, and thereafter in the Circuit Court.

Judge Beach was, perhaps, most well-known in Allegan County as “the sleeping judge” due to his habit of sleeping on the bench during cases he was hearing. Many a juror in many a case has reported his erratic and unprofessional behavior in this regard.

He was also well-known, at least by those who had their custody cases heard in his court, to be allied with the extreme factions of the Fathers Rights movement, refusing to grant custody to women under any conditions, even when the fathers in the cases were convicted of Domestic Violence and proven to be a danger to the children who were party to those cases. Judge Beach famously addressed women appearing in his courtroom as “worthless,” betraying his misogynistic prejudices and anti-woman agenda.

Sources inside the Allegan County Courthouse confirm that Judge Beach had planned to retire from the bench in 2004, but seeing that a woman, Heidi Wolf, was running for that seat, he resolved to stay in the race in order to prevent a woman from gaining judicial office in Allegan County. He retired mid-term, in 2006, his seat being filled via the gubernatorial appointment of Judge William A Baillargeon, who completed his term (ending in 2008).


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