Deadbeat Tenant Receiving Child Support from Allegan for 3 Children while only supporting and residing with 1

Blake A Melinn mugshot from 2013 arrest for refusal to pay victim restitution (conviction ensued)

Blake A Melinn mugshot from 2013 arrest for refusal to pay victim restitution (conviction ensued)

Established deadbeat tenant Blake Allen Melinn lives in Kent County, but has his custody case in Allegan County.  Senior Judge Margaret Zuzich-Bakker currently presides over the case, recently vacated by junior Judge Kevin W. Cronin.  Since the start of 2015, Melinn has been in court in Kent County for failure to pay his housing bill in January, March, April, May, June, and July… so far.  Case files appear below.

This deadbeat is receiving from Allegan County 48th Circuit Court child support for three children… but the problem with that is that he only has one in his home.  The other two have aged out and can no longer legally be factored in to child support.  How is this a fit parent?  The other parent pays her housing bill in a timely manner every month, meets every “Best Interest of the Child” standard dictated by law (note that Blake Melinn is a cocaine addicted alcoholic convicted wife-batterer who lost his business due to violating child labor laws), and Allegan 48th Circuit Court is choosing to cash in on the “Fatherhood Initiative” cash by giving custody and child support to this criminal rather than to the one fit parent these children have.

Public outcry can be addressed to the court at 269-673-0300 x3305 (Judge Bakker) and/or 269-673-0300 x3230 (Judge Cronin).  Next court date in Allegan: August 10, 2015.

Blake Melinn January 2015 Deadbeat Tenant Case

Blake Melinn March Deadbeat Tenant CaseBlake Melinn April Deadbeat Tenant CaseBlake Melinn May Deadbeat Tenant CaseBlake Melinn June Deadbeat Tenant CaseBlake Melinn July Deadbeat Tennant Case


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