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Allegan County Judge prejudice against Bible-Believers?


allegan county courthouseIt would seem so.  In the 48th Circuit Court today, Judge Margaret “Marge” Zuzich-Bakker exposed herself as apparently being a rabid opponent to all things Biblical.  

  • She threw out eye-witness testimony regarding child abuse because the witness follows the Bible instead of the humanistic solipsist Sigmund Freud (whose cult psychology is wholly incompatible with Biblical faith). Bakker even refused to accept a copy of the witness’s credentials, which include having authored a book on parenting (highly-acclaimed in the counseling franchise) and having worked as a youth counselor for former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s youth mentoring initiative America’s Promise.
  • She ignored the anti-Semitic atheist abuser’s domestic violence conviction, his recent arrest for refusal to pay victim restitution, his fits of rage on the stand, and his verbal abuse  of the Bible-believing protective mother in the case inside her courtroom.  
  • She sentenced the Bible-believing Hebrew abuse victims in this case to continue living with their anti-Semitic atheist abuser, because allowing them to live with their Bible-believing Hebrew non-abusive mother, she says, “is not in their best interest.”
  • She insisted in her ruling that the Bible-believing Hebrew children in this case are better off living in the home of their anti-Semitic atheist abuser or his cocaine-addicted alcohol-abusing anti-Semitic atheist pedophile child-abusing mother and her perverted anti-Semitic atheist husband than with a parent who shares their Biblical faith and Hebrew heritage.

In so doing, Zuzich-Bakker has apparently violated state, federal, and international law, including:

  • every single point of the Michigan Child Custody Act Best Interest of the Child laws (MCL 722.21 et seq.) by her apparently hate-inspired ruling in this case.
  • MCL 750.136b Child Endangerment.
  • Title 18 USC §§245, 249 hate crime against persons of a particular ethnic heritage and religion.
  • the “responsibility to protect” clause of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS) of 2001.
  • the “protection of cultural heritage as a human right” clause of the UNESCO Recommendations of 1972.

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