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House of Judah Cult Invades Allegan County


House of Judah BaselineIn the mid 1970s, it was discovered that the Chicago-based “House of Judah” cult (a replacement theology hate organization espousing the “Black Hebrew Israel” heresy) had a compound on Baseline Road on the edge of Allegan County.

The cult’s demise in Allegan County, at that time (it has since reemerged), was the beating death of a child living in their compound – 12-year-old Jonathan Yarbough on 4 July 1983.  At least two more children would die in that cult compound before it was all over – 11-year-old Michelle Watkins and 7-year-old Joel Watkins, both dying in 1984.

This Black-Supremacist cult teaches that the only “true Israelites” are African (including African-American), and that “Jesus” (their version of Him) will return to slaughter all non-Blacks and all Blacks who do not embrace their teachings.

William A. Lewis was the leader of the Allegan County branch of the cult.


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