Chicora KKK Fundraising Quilt Emerges


In 1926, the Ku Klux Klan was thriving in Michigan, as evidenced by Chicora’s 77th Michigan Klavern’s lengthy roster of dues-paying members whose names are included in that year’s quilt (recently accepted for donation by Michigan State University).

Chicora KKK Quilt

Members primarily consisted of Calvinists (mostly Dutch Reformed) and, reputedly, some Catholics.  Their meeting place was the Chicora United Brethren Church (then a non-denominational church).

Family names found in the quilt and other records include Busfield, Giles, Goodwin, McNutt, Reifel, Rowe, Sweet, Torrey, Tripp, and Wall… all names still represented in the County.

An article by MacDowell, Quinney, and Worrall gives more detail into this dark chapter of broken “race relations” in Allegan County.




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