Allegan County, Michigan was established in 1835.  It is located in southwest Michigan extending from the Lake Michigan shoreline eastward.

All known judges to have served in this county’s trial court system since 1835 – the good, the bad, and the ugly – have been biographied for historical and genealogical purposes.  Comments are enabled on these pages in case we have missed any important cases , accomplishments, or other biographical information that should be included.

A directory of all elected officials in the county, including addresses and contact information (2013 edition), can be accessed online or downloaded from here:

As Michigan has recently been ranked the 8th most corrupt state in the nation, it is the intent of this site to alleviate some of the lack of integrity which contributed to that ranking by making FOIA-available data more accessible.

You can assist in this project by providing information for the Domestic Violence Convict Registry (for Allegan County and all surrounding counties).  In order to list a convict, we need some form of verification of their conviction or guilty plea, e.g., the court record or another legal document which reports the findings of a criminal record check (e.g., CPS records often do this).  It would also be helpful if each convict submission could include the convict’s mugshot(s).  This data may be emailed to  Thanks for your contributions to this project.  Please rest assured that the identity of data providers will be kept confidential.

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